About Nahomie

Updated August 24, 2018

Among other things, I am a working wife (working outside the home), mother of 2 handsome boys, a beautiful daughter, a business owner, and so much more. But my favorite role of all is that I am a servant and daughter of the Most High God.
My desire is for my life to Glorify Him in all that I do, and to be a channel of blessings to others. It is my hope that the words written in these pages will bring forth life to the readers. It is also my desire to bring hope and joy to those whose circumstances either prevent or make it difficult to experience joy in their lives, and to demonstrate the power and goodness of God.

I enjoy stories and hearing other’s testimonies. I’ve learned and grown much through the stories of others, the redemptive work of God in their lives. It is my desire to not just share my own stories in these pages, but to also create the opportunity and space to be acquainted with your life’s stories as well.

On the journey of fulfilling my life’s purpose,
Nahomie Moïse Guillaume


  1. Hi Moise. I do know that your name is for Jesus, in fact you have to work in His name and for Him.
    I think He is going to bless you in a short time. Be patient and you will see how much He does Loves you as His daughter.


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